Semi-automatic bag on valve aerosol filling machine (BOV)

This machine is specifically designed for bag on valve aerosol products filling, it is PLC

Controlled with a friendly touch screen interface, comparing with previous pneumatic control one, this version is improved a lot in efficiency, intelligence, parameters setting, process supervision and trouble shooting. There are two heads seated on the working table, the first head combines the function of vacuuming, propellant filling and crimping, more economic propellants are optional for customer such as N2, Co2, Ar or even compressed air. The second head is aiming to charge the liquid material into bag through the valve, since material is insulated into bag and will not touch propellant, thus this machine is widely used for pharmaceutical, food, cosmetic and other bag on valve products manufacturing. And there is no any restrict about water based, oil based or even alcohol based liquid material.

Semi-automatic bag on valve aerosol filling machine (BOV)
Filling volume0-250 ml
Filling speed1200-1500 Cans/h
Air compressor0.8m3/min at pressure, 0.7 mpa
Dimension (mm)1580*550*900
Weight220 kg

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