Semi-automatic triad aerosol filling machine-(AF-8004)

This machine is consisting of three operations on one worktable by one operator instead of three operators.

– Filling, sealing and gas filling all in one worktable

– Simple, easy and so efficiency operation

– Applicable: food, pharmaceutical, hygienic, automotive, chemical and other industries

– All pneumatic valve adopt national standards, purchase is easy

– All parts of airproof are made of the material of F4, they is all standard parts, and its

quantity is very small; their surface roughness is Ra0.2 um to Ra0.4 um, the plating

is chrome, its thickness is above 0.02 mm.

– The quality of this machine is suitable for filling 1100 spray per hour

ماشین بسته بندی نیمه اتوماتیک اسپری-دستگاه بسته بندی اسپری

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