The machine is most suitable for drying emulsion, suspension and liquids and also it has exclusive advantages for drying polymers and resins, dyes and pigments, ceramics, glass, stains, toxins, carbohydrates, dairy products, detergents and surfactants, fertilizers, organic and mineral materials.

Five Different Models


-Evaporation: 5Kg / h

-Dimension (mm): 1000*930*2200


-Evaporation: 25Kg / h

-Dimension (mm): 3000*2700*4250


-Evaporation: 50Kg / h

-Dimension (mm): 3500*3500*4800


-Evaporation: 150Kg / h

-Dimension (mm): 5500*4000*7000


-Evaporation: 200-2000Kg / h

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