Automatic circular tea-bag packaging machine, which has being popular in international ,yet hasn’t appeared in domestic markets . Compared with the traditional granule packaging machine , it is unique in beautiful appearance and also has other outstanding advantages. There are two types of it , a tea-bag with a tag or without . The later can support the use of circular tea-bag sealing machine, which can shape a convenient tea cup when we seal the tea-bag at the bottom of the cup.

.According to the special designed mould and the distinctive cutting way ,we will manufacture the heat filter paper and tea into circular tea-bag. We also can produce the tea-bag in the shape of ladder and oval with the consideration of customers , which can’t be produced by traditional tea-bag packaging machine.

.Adding the tag to tea-bag that will enable customers to use it more convenient ,on the other hand it will also benefit  the publicity of company.

Round tea bag machine-(TBR)
Capacity30 bag /min
Filling range (gr) 2-6
Raw materialsfilter paper
(Tea bag outer diameter (mm50-80
Filter paper roll1
Paper width (mm)140
Diameter of paper roll hole (mm)76
Max. Diameter of roll (mm) 400
Punch mold 1 pcs
Air source0.6Mpa
Suggested compressor to the buyer0.1 M3/Min
Power supply220V, 50Hz, 1.5 kW
Dimension (mm)2000*700*900 mm
Weight250 kg

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