Preheated and Blower Integrating Machine (BMZ3)

Preheated and Blower Integrating Machine-BMZ3


HZ-800A Stretch Blow Molding Machine is suitable to produce different shapes of PET/PC/PE bottles.

It can blow from 100ml to 6000ml bottles and is widely used to produce mineral water bottles, carbonated soft drink bottles, juice bottles, juice bottles, medical bottles, cosmetic and oil bottles etc.

  •  An infrared lamp a doped in the per-heater ensures PET performs being heated evenly.
  •   Mechanical-double-arm clamping system ensures mould being tightly closed under high pressure and high temperature.
  •   Pneumatic system consists of two parts: pneumatic acting part and bottle blowing part in order to meet different pressure requirements for both acting and blowing. It provides sufficient steady high pressure to blow arge irregular shape bottles.
  •  Equipped with silencer and oiling system to lubricate the mechanical parts of the machine.
  •  Operated step-by-step and in semi-auto mode.
  •   Wide-mouth jar and hot-fill bottles can also be made.

It saves the electricity, transportation cost by 50% and 40% separately. And it also increases the output by 10% then the same range of blow machines.

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