Inkjet printer (L98)

Suitable for printing characters or graphic with high resolution printing

Ability to print text, date, time serial number, price and logo

Friendly operation interface, more convenient to operate;

Automatic ink and nozzle cleaning

Application: a variety of industries like food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetic, hygienic, automotive parts, stone, wood, egg, pipe, cable and etc.

Inkjet printer (L98)
Tray size (mm)500*700
Capacity20-30 tray/min
Power supply 220 V/1.2 kw
Weight200 kg
Dimension (mm)1600*1600*1000
Font Option(single line at the lattice of 5*5) 5*5, 5*7, 7*9, 10*16, 12*16, 16*24, it is adjustable up to 32*32
Text message1000 graphic
Speed of print800 character per second
System FontEnglish (simple)
FontEnglish, Persian or others
Nozzle connection pipeManufacture by M3 Co
Ink colorblack, blue, red

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