Full automatic cup filler (CUPA)

Full automatic cup filler and sealer machine set up for filling and sealing cup, cardboard, glass bottle  and containers for granules,  beans, deragee, corns and etc.it has 30 litres hopper and special stir. The size of the cups determines the weight of the material. Its equipped 3 meter conveyor or independent actuator.it can be without conveyor and container Preventing System.

Full automatic cup filler (CUPA)- دستگاه پودر پرکنی در قوطی فنجانی تمام اتوماتیک

Full automatic cup filler (CUPA)
Dimension (mm)1800*800*3000
Approximate Weight50-1500 kg
Air consumption300 L/h
Stir Motor0.5 hp
Conveyor Motor0.5 hp
Main Motor1 hp
Approximate speed1500 C/h

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