Continuous seal-cut shrink packaging machine (FQS-450)

This machine is suitable for packing boxes, toys, electronic bricks and so on. It can pack the products with a layer of plastic film, which makes the packaging more beautiful and firm and safe it during transferring.

Equipping the machine with non-stick seals to ensure non-smoke and proper performance

Adjustable transferring time of the products to the tunnel after sealing and cutting

Simple and easy operation by only one controlling board

Power supply220V/380V/ 50,60HZ
Heater power10KW (adjustable)
Seal& cut time0-3 seconds (adjustable)
Max. Sealing dimension (mm), (L*W)450*350
Max. Packing dimension (mm), (L*W*H) 450*350*200mm
Dimension (mm), (L*W*H) 2450*700*1400mm

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