Tray sealer (one mold) machine (FRG07)

The machine is suitable for containers of salad, date, pickle and food.

It’s suitable for all several of the disposable containers in market in any size without design or replacement of the mold, Innovation in design, and seals 4 different sizes of the containers.

Foil stretching and cutting are done automatically according to the container and by the operator placing the container and moving it by hand.

سیل تک قالبه-سیل کن
Tray sealer (one mold) machine (FRG07)
Packaging speed100-200 Container/h
Dimension (mm)550*320*450
Power consumption800 w
Power supply110,240 V/50, 60 HZ
Standard size of the containers (mm)95*137/137*190/260*190/190*230/

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