The complete system weighs 10 head Filling WT10

  • For weighing and filling a variety of granules, tea, saffron, dried fruits, dried fruits and nuts
  • (Controlling for weight and amount of fasting in order) .mashynha-plated stainless steel and all parts in contact with the material, stainless steel is the perfect system for filling, weighing 10 head WT10 models include: vibrating feeder, lift spoon, weighing 10 head platform, the car FFS, output conveyor, weight control, sensor and rotary table is.
  • Custom additions include:
  • Injection, hole punch, systems and flood Gusset the flood polyethylene bags and bags are vacuum systems. PL6 Omron, Panasonic motor, pneumatic-type sensors is adversely Japanese Korean quality.
Technically perfect system for filling, weighing 10 head model WT10
Accuracy Package3 to 5.1 grams in a package
Speed machineGlass 20-60 minutes
Capacity Package10-3000 grams per package
The maximum weight of rolls of film30Kg
Roll of film bagsThe maximum outside diameter of 320 mm
Full sizeMax (LxW 350 × 240) mm envelope form: pillows – Standard Gast – Punched
Language PLCEnglish

Advice and purchase

For advice and purchase a complete system for filling, weighing 10 head version WT10  phone number to call +9821-44922700 to 1!