Tablet Press (THP4,6)


  1. THP-6 is suit for experiment and production
  2. Convenient transportation
  3. Highly effective and environmental protection
  4. Suit for pressing Camphor, magnetic material, tabloid, with the principle of compressing powder and granular raw materials to solid tablets


  1. single punch tablet press machine
  2. small model,suit for experiment and production
  3.  continuously automatically produce

The max diameter diameter of tablet press:30MM

4T is used in pharmacy

6T is used in any powder pressing

Good quality(iron plate welding for frame,about 400KG): production:25pcs/min

Best quality(foundry iron for frame, About 520kg):Production:35pcs/min

Main technical parameters

  • Pressure
  • The biggest trip of upper punch

  • Filling height

  • The biggest dia. Of lower punch

  • production
  • Motor power

  • size
  • weight
  • THP-4/6

  • 4T-6T

  • 60mm
  • 35mm

  • 70mm

  • 25sets/min

  • 1.5KW

  • 700*740*1650

  • 300kg

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