Roll Type Wet Wipe Folding Machine (CWN-150)

This machine is suitable for producing the wet tissue in can. Its capacity is about 80-110 meters per minutes which is suitable for multilayer wet tissue. Folding is C shape or without folding. The raw material is non-woven, spunlace and air laid paper. The machine has automatic pneumatic feeder system.

Roll Type Wet Wipe Folding Machine (CWN-150)
Power supply380V, 50HZ, 3phase, 3.5 kW
Capacity80-100 m/min
Max. Diameter of wet tissue roll (mm) 50-150
Cutting Length (mm)150-200
Raw materials (gr/m2) 30-70
Dimension (mm)2200*2800*1500
Weight1000 kg

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