Ribbon blender (MH200-2200)

Applicable: In the pharmaceutical, food, papermaking, paint making and etc. for preparing the dry and wet powder

All the part in contact with materials is stainless steel 304

Suitable for mixing and homogenizing adhesive powders that tend to clump

In case of customer order, it can be adjusted spray tube for liquid, essential oil, or binder rinse for granulation with special nozzles on the blender.

The machine has designed with regard to hygienic conditions and GMP. It has six rows of UPACK made of PETE Teflon and which opens and closes quickly for washing.

It is also used for mixing and flavouring some materials such as tea.

مخلوط کن پودر-خط تولید تنباکو

Ribbon blender (MH200-2200)
Power consumption1.5-40 KV
Volume50-2000 LIT
Weight of machine20-3000 kg

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