Thank you for considering KARASANAT Inc. as a solution to meet your needs in Packaging and Processing. Karasanat is the undisputed industry leader and has set the industry standards for machines and reliability that is unsurpassed.

As a pioneer in the market, Karasanat is the preferred supplier of many companies in and outside of the country. Using a wide range of machines that have been developed for specific industry applications with their exclusive design, worry-free Method, operator-friendly interface and trouble free, the machines are unique with competitive prices and ha‎ve the flexibility to meet market demand and adapt with customer’s production line

Excellence throughout Innovation

Well equipped production machinery and experienced designers are the reasons for innovation and quality in our products.

Our customers benefit our after sale service and full supports of spare parts.

عنوان جعبه آیکون دار

our company’s product diversity provides the customers with wide range of choices for their production lines,their customized needs and step by step consultation in choosing the machineries.

Karasanat with a long experience and experties in packing and processing machineries can meet your expectations,our vast product selection supplies you with more adapted choices for your production lines