Equipped with advance digital system for fast and stable weighing to prevent moving materials from stopping

Packing in cellophane, Metalized OPP or Aluminium laminate. The bag has three heating stitches, one in length and two in width

دستگاه بسته بندی وزنی دو یا چهار هد در پاکت( چای و زعفران) MULTI HEAD BAG FILLER (WT2)
Multi head bag filler (WT2)
Filling speed20-50 bag/min
Accuracy0.5-1 gr
Number of application10
Width of roll (mm)500 mm
Width of bag (mm)40-230
Height of bag (mm)50-300
Average speed1200 bag/h
Electromotor power1 hp
Power of the elements2 kW
Air consumption750 lit/h in 5atm
Dimension (mm)900*1300*2500
Weight250 kg

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