 Mono-block: filler – capper (18- 6) Model # FC4500

This machine combines the process of filling, capping PET bottles with a capacity of 5000 bottles per hour (84 bottles per minute). Suitable for bottling water into 0.3 thru 2.0L PET bottles through the use of change parts.

Handles standard bottled water- Key Features- Monoblock- filler- capper handles all functions in a compact space- 18 fill heads, 6 capping heads-Power entryconveyor(3meters) included- Heavy duty stainless steel construction- Fully enclosed with safety guarding.

Mono-block: filler – capper (18- 6) Model # FC4500
Filling Heads 1818
capacity 5000 bottles per hour (17 oz)
4000 bottles per hour (20.25 oz)
3000 bottles per hour (1.05 qt)
5000 bottles per hour (500 ml)
4000 bottles per hour (600 ml)
3000 bottles per hour (1.0 L)
Power Input 380V, 50Hz 380V, 50Hz

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