Ice lolly filler (SB-8)

For filling and sealing the liquid in ice lolly bags like mineral water, juice, sauce, gel and ice cream. This machine has colour touch screen LCD which can used for adjusting the sealing volume, temperature and its time. The four or six colour ice lolly bags with best price can be supplied by this company.

دستگاه پرکن و سیل کن مایعات در پاکت فرم دار(عروسکی) - Icy looly filler (SB-8)

Ice lolly filler (SB-8)
Dimension (mm)1700*900*1470
Air consumption300 L/min
Capacity2000-2500 (bag/h)
Compressed air pressure6
Power Supply220 v, 1.5 kW
Weight200 KG

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