Fully Automatic Shrink Packaging Machine (SHR615)

This machine can automatically carry, roll up, row and wrap containers in shrink film the containers and then  warm shrink it in PE film and  PVC with use carton of small size of it or without it.

Equipped with the input converter, propellant pneumatic system and automatic container lifting opener

Key Features
• This unit is designed for the fully automatic PE and PVC film wrapping and shrink packaging of group-counted boxed (cased or with tray) and canned products (without tray).
• This unit is suitable for independent use or can be designed for fully automated production flows.
• Available in Right Hand and Left Hand models.

Fully Automatic Shrink Packaging Machine (SHR615)
Max. Packing dimension (mm), (L*W*H)600*400*330mm
Capacity500 Pcs/Hour
Power supply18 kW for tunnel elements and 1.5 kW for electromotor and fan
Dimension (mm), (L*W*H)2100*1800*4000mm

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