Full automatic induction sealer (aircool) (IS2000-ISN)

Seal the plastic containers with the electromagnetic waves.

 There is also a water cool of this machine.

Maximum output2kW
Seal head heightadjusted by the gearbox motor
Belt conveyor1.5 meter & width /200 mm
Dimension (mm)1550*550*1350
Power supply220 V, Single phase, 1.5 kW
Capacity0-12 Meter/min
Diameter (mm)30-130
Container height (mm)40-300
Weight72 kg
سیل القایی اتومات-سیل کن

Semi automatic induction sealer (IS2000-ISN)

Suitable to seal the PE, PET, PC, PVC, PP and glass bottles with simple manual induction by powder key and timer. By this machine the sealing timer can be adjust 0 to 4 sec. It can use for up to 100 mm diameter of sealing without using cold water. Operator screws on the cap of the bottle and by pressing a key it makes a high frequency magnet zone and interrupt by timer in specific time.Manual with Microprocessor control, power 500 W., maximum diameter in three models (mm): 100,120,150

Semi automatic induction sealer

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