Full Automatic Capping Machine (CAPR-CAPP)

Automatic capping machine is determined for closing various types of containers with screw, press – on and pilfer proof caps. Suitable especially for foodstuff, cosmetic, chemical and other industry.
Function of the machine:
The containers to be closed are transported by a conveyor to the star. Here they are moved step by step (1 head system) through the cap feeder. the closing head screws on the cap at the necessary turning moment ( if the head is of the pressure type, it will press the cap into the bottle by means of a spring unit . The turning moment can be set on the closing head. After the closing is completed the star moves the container to the conveyor.

Full Automatic Capping Machine (CAPR-CAPP)

Full Automatic Capping Machine (CAPR-CAPP)

Dimension MM


Conveyor Motor

0.35 HP

Main Motor

1 HP

Capacity40 CAPS/MIN

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