Filling of liquid foaming CWF6000

Liquid filling machine foaming machine for filling bottles of the 6000 CWF all 200 cc to 1 liter with the gravity of the foaming material , Filling six nozzles pump out the bottom of the bottle with special nozzle and transfer it to a separate tank.

Liquid filling machine model 6000 CWF is capable of foaming power foaming liquids such as Window Washer Shampoo the carpet and of cleaning up the multi-threaded inside the bottle and fill it doors.

When filling nozzles are placed inside the container and regardless of the size of the container before all the containers are full The new container under the nozzle are not transferred. Speed filling machine can be changed electronically and continuously.All parts in contact with the material is stainless steel. Liquid filling machines as standard with a 33 m conveyor with stainless steel body and Independent Transmission power 0. 5 hp car also has a 1500 liter stainless steel collector with level control.

Advice and purchase

Foaming liquid filling machine model CWF 6000 for consultation and purchase thirty six thousand phone number 009821-44922700 & 1 to call!