Counter pouch filler (DXD-50S)

The machine automatically operates measuring, bag-making, filling, sealing and cutting. It is used for packing different liquids like ketchup, mayonnaise sauce, milk, shampoo, gel and etc. The body made of stainless steel and also has PLC. It can be equipped with printer too.

Counter pouch filler (DXD-50S) -دستگاه بسته بندی مایع در ساشه فرم دار

Counter pouch filler (DXD-50S)
Material volume1-50 gr.
Size of bag (mm)L/4.-170, W/15-110
Capacity30-50 (bag/min.)
Power Supply220V 50HZ, 1.5Kw
Weight170 kg
Dimension (mm)750*700*1700

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