Bag sealer- Band sealer (PSF-BS900)

Bag sealer

This machine is suitable for sealing polyethylene, polypropylene and multilayer plastic used as paper bags with appropriate temperature and high efficiency and performance due to high and low adjustable supporter.

Voltage500, 100, 1200 W
Height of seal (mm)350, 450, 600
Width of Seal (mm)8, 8, 8
Seal duration0.2-2 Sec
Size of pack (mm)800*530*250
Weight18, 20, 24 kg
سیل پدالی-سیل کن

Band sealer

This machine is in the function on continuous carry with a conveyor then seal and print horizontally and vertically in one operation. It is equipped with stand and adopts electronic constant temperature mechanism which can control continues speed of this machine. The speed also is adjusted by transmission conveyor. It can seal plastic film in various kind of material.

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