The machines consist the below:

1- Cans arranging machine

Speed adjustable range: 4.5-23r/min, 0.75kw explosion proof electric motor, the dimension is1500×846×985mm, 1.2mm thickness Stainless steel (304) covered protective guard with European quality

2- Conveyor line

Conveyor line in three segments, each one with 2440 mm in length with explosion proof gearbox motor and speed adjustable ranges 5-25r/min with explosion proof switch. All parts in contact with materials are stainless steel 304.

3-liquid filling machine

It is equipped with one blow head and three solvent heads .all components are high quality and the machine is based on no container, no filling.

4- Gas charging & capping machine

It consist one vacuum head, one capping head, three gas charging heads, and two sets assorted booster pump. One set air storage reservoir (exclusive use for LPG) with accumulator. It equips a 65mm aerosol can star wheel and a set of cans guide plate. Main components are from Italy and Japan.

5- Packaging worktable

Length is 3250mm; width is 1050mm,material is 304 stainless steel plates.

Safety & Security:Cans arranging machine and conveyor line are both adopting explosion proof electric motor; circuitries are protected by PVC pipe. They’re connected by explosion proof junction box and explosion proof switch. The major machine uses no electric power.

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