Automatic ribbon printer (HP24)

This printer with automatic gearbox engine can print on adjustable distance on nylon, cellophane, coated paper or carton with the pressure of an electric pedal.

Gross weight9.5 kg
Dimension (mm)270*260*360
Print speed20-70 print/min
Letter size5 line and in each line 5-12 letters

Semi-automatic ribbon printer

For printing production and expiry date and batch number with the black or color ribbon on all common packaging materials such as plastic, aluminium and paper foil manually or automatically on the machines with automatic foil traction.

Ability to print: up to three lines, 2.5*3.5 mm each line and each line 12 character

Ribbon width (mm)35
Power supply220V, 40 W
Dimension (mm)270*168*220

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