Auto rotary roll-fed melt glue labeling machine (LOHR)

The automatic rotary roll-fed hot melt glue labelling machine fits various size and shape of the labelling product. The container is fed to carousel; the container is held top and bottom in the carousel during the label application process. The labelling is controlled by a continuous/automatic correcting system. The labelling is cut onto a drum provided with rotating blade and static blade which is simple and reliable to supply a correct cutting. The hot melt is spread on one edge of the labelling and the overlap on vacuum drum.

– Siemens PLC controls

– Nordson hot melts glue system

– High speed operation to 9000 B/h

– Panasonic Electromotor (Japan)

–  Mitsubishi Servomotor (Japan)

– ABB Contactor (Swiss)

– SICK Sensor (Japan)

– NKS ball bearings (Japan)

– EASY VIEW touchscreen (Taiwan)

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