Tea Bag Packing Machine

  • This article features the Prdazym.bray teabag packing machine teabag packing machine read the following article. To spread the culture of TONICS herbal teabag tea (tea bags) and its production are getting more attention.
  • Pharmacological effect TONICS vegetable and ease of use of T-Bag (tea bags) and having a real taste of original tea and herbal tea down and the preparation they need to offer a full line of instruments for packing tea as tea bag in the last few years for the company has created.
  • Tools packed tea bags produced by the company are as follows:

Packaging machine sewing thread and tag tea bags three sides square TBB model

Teabag tea bag packing machine sewing thread model square on three sides TBA

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Some of the features are as follows Tea Bag Packing Machine

  • All generators tea bags the company is able to build envelope, measuring, filling, sealing, cutting, counting is automatic. In addition to the items listed according to different models in each model of machine tea bag different function that any device capable of producing tea bags with shapes, sizes, and different samples (teabag thread, teabag with string and tag tea bags in packaging) is.
  • Materials used for the above devices include thermal filter teabag, thread and tags is that with regard to the materials used model is different.
  • Tea bags have installed the device is easy.
  • All parts in contact with the car T-Bag is made of stainless steel and comply with GMP food standards.
  • The possibility of cleaning and packaging of tea bags V there easily.
  • Consulting, installation, training, warranty and after-sales service that ensures customer support from real and principles of the company in order to work properly and without interruption cars as well as installation and free equipment in place the company is the buyer’s factory.

Advice and purchase

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