Rotary filling nozzles 18 – FC4500

Rotary filling nozzles 18 – FC4500 suitable for automatic filling and capping all kinds of liquids such as water, yogurt, milk, juice, vinegar, drinks, juice and a variety of toxins in the food industry is fluid and other fluids in the chemical industry.

Containers can be PET, glass or other plastic materials from the 200cc to 2000cc is.

Filling machines and detained 18 6 Nozzles and heads for the door locked with a screw head can be plastic or PILFERPROOF. All parts in contact with the material of stainless steel and all levels of Rotary Mashynprkn 18 nozzles – FC4500 is coated with stainless steel.

Filling with epoxy coated skeleton and the car is consistent with the highest standards of food and pharmaceutical industries. All nozzles are easily removed and washable materials from the rotary tank. The materials are able to CIP washing tank and an automatic level control with steering pump from the main tank. All components of the drive system and the transmission of electrical and mechanical alloy steels and other parts of Europe are thus best variety.

All parts Filling and imprisoned all mechanical and compressed air is not used. The dishes after exposure to the conveyor through the screw feeder Star wheel input balance transfer and then inserting in the pan, rotary and lifting by pressing down the path of open and simultaneously discharging the air inside the container of liquid into the flowing a.

Without contact with the liquid to fill the air space is closed immediately after the capping is done.

Containers filled then through a Star wheel individually to the prisoners transferred and doors that after the transfer by Svrtr and shot with a dish engaged, by a magnetic head assembly with a new design on the container is closed again by a Star wheel end of the conveyer outlet pass be.

Filling and imprisoned by a variable speed inverter and half a liter PET 4500 containers per hour.

Technical Specifications Rotary Filling Machine 18 nozzles - FC4500
Dimensions (mm)20000*2500*30000
Rate per hour2000-4500
Diameter container
Height container
Container volume
Industrial electricity10A

Advice and purchase

For advice and purchase rotary filling machine 18 nozzles – FC4500 phone number call 44922700-021 to 1 !