Fillers 6 nozzles pump with macro processor – P6000

 Filling 6 nozzles pump Makrvprvssvr All parts in contact with the materials is made of stainless steel for filling a collector .mashyn is 150 liters with level control Liquid storage tanks connected to the liquid with concentrated material Azklktvr suction pump and is injected into the container through a special valve After a certain period of time for each nozzle Btvrmstql by a Makrvprvssvr (Siemens LOGO) adjustable valve acts on the liquid being pumped back into the collector The machine is capable of filling nozzles 6 to 5-liter container half filled without any change . Filling Filling accuracy of one hundredth the weight of the container is controlled and regulated. Sync all parts Filling Machine (GATING system and mast lift the nozzle) is performed by Makrvprvssvr and are very flexible.

Specifications Filling 6 nozzles pump Makrvprvssvr - P6000
3000 × ۹۰۰ × ۱۶۰۰Dimensions (MM)
0.5HPEngine power augers
1HPEngine power station
3mAlong the conveyor
2500CONT/HRApproximate speed

Advice and purchase

For advice and purchase Filling 6 nozzles pump Makrvprvssvr – P6000 phone number 009821-44922700 to 1 call!