Chips processing line

Chips means and French-Fries French fries are fried slice means.

Processed potatoes in the form of chips is generally used as snacks.

The taste of which can be made at the stage of processing chips to be able to attract different tastes of consumers.

Now in the market of chips a popular product which helps companies Many are in competition with each other in producing chips.

Obviously offers a variety of shapes and greed of new packaging manufacturer can succeed in achieving greater market share.

Karasanat company using the technology available to manufacturers, will help them in this.

Fresh Potato Chips line includes: washing, peeled, Slicer, Red is doing and flavors.

The semi-automatic production line and the minimum requirement of eight to four operator
From an average of about 20 pieces of potato obtained Chybs

A kilo of apples Chybs the ground about 0.3 kg.
Line capable of producing Chybs and French Fries
Foreign raw materials: 200 kg per hour

Yield: 70 kg per hour
Oils used: vegetable oils, oil seeds, peanut oil, palm oil is the recommended oil

Full line of chips include the following devices
  • Machines for cleaning and peeling fresh potatoes

  • Apparatus for cutting potatoes for round and strip

  • Blancher machine

  • Centrifuge dewatering machine

  • Deep fryer machine

  • Oil-consuming devices

  • Flavoring machine

  • Vacuum packaging machine with nitrogen gas

  • Instant Freezer IQF

Full line of chips samples produced by the company Karasanat!

خط کامل چیپس

Advice and purchase

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